Release: [November 24, 2022].

Carla Cobbs launches a new book titled ‘Coping and Thriving with a Chronic Condition’ authored by herself. The book features six intriguing chapters, with each of them giving a personal insight into the author’s journey in battling chronic diseases, and how she managed to keep her resolve robust regardless of the prevailing drawbacks.

The book is a useful guide for chronically ill patients, and for those caring for them, elaborating on the major chronic diseases widespread around the world. It gives a psychological perspective to chronic patients dealing with chronic illness, encouraging them to gain satisfaction in various aspects of their lives.

Chronic illnesses evidently have a prolonged effect on the affectees, rendering patients to miss out on several opportunities in life. However, this book would give a helpful roadmap for chronic illness patients in moving on with their lives and achieving their life goals through alternative ways.


About the Author

Carla Cobbs is a retired pharmacist who has been a focal person in educating the public on medications, diseases, and the healthcare system. She has done her Bachelor of Science at Bowie State University and attended pharmacy school at the University of Maryland School of Pharmacy. Cobbs was born with a chronic health condition called Arthrogryposis, which affects all joints, and therefore, the mobility of the patient.

For most of her career as a pharmacist, she has lived in Texas whilst carrying out public work. She realized that a number of people were suffering from chronic illnesses like her which motivated her to write this book.